Effects of music on students’ concentration

Drop your backpack once class starts. Once you are home. Once you are eating lunch. Music is a combination of vocal and sounds to produce an artistic outcome. Should you drop that bass in class or at home or during lunch? Many students listen to a range of music every now and now throughout their daily life.

It is said that classical music, one’s favorite music, instrumental music, and nature’s music all help people concentrate, according to an article written by a website titled The Chopra Center. With a variety of music provided via any music application anywhere, music affects one person differently than the next.

Pop music or upbeat music makes a person dance and groove to the sounds of the song. Depressing songs tend to give a person a melancholy vibe and there is also uplifting music for inspiration or motivation.

When you are performing a task such as studying or doing a homework assignment, it might be odd to think that earbuds or headphones would be attached to you. Yet, students do turn up the music alongside their task and school-related materials.

“I listened to music most of the time when doing homework or studying to help me concentrate,” junior Kevin Huang said. “Music has a positive impact in making me feel confident and motivated. I also like to reward myself in listening to music after studying or doing a portion of my work to feel refreshed and not overwhelmed at all.”

With a bunch of music genres and ways to listen to music nowadays, there are also a lot of school work per student, along with whatever extracurriculars or clubs a student might be in. This day-to-day life of a student consists of more than the simple tasks of a homework assignment or participating in any meetings or practices.

According to <www.theguardian.com>, “music is a very useful tool in such situations. It’s much like giving small children a new toy to play with while you’re trying to get some work done without them disturbing you.”

There are two attention systems in everyone: conscious and unconscious. The conscious attention system is the director of one’s concentration. The unconscious attention system is what the five senses pick up that could be important.

Senior Alina Hurtado expressed how she felt about music and all the genres she enjoys listening to.

“Listening to music helps me feel calm and focused,” Hurtado said. “I get easily distracted if I’m not listening to music. I listen to a lot of different genres because I feel stuck if I listen to one singular genre. I really don’t think one genre helps me focus. I honestly don’t really care what genre I listen to, as long as I stay focused I’m fine with whatever music.”


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