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Steve Stephens shooting on Facebook

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On April 16, police officers started following Steve Stephens, a murder suspect in Cleveland, Ohio.

Everyone on social media was shocked, when Steve Stephens, age 37, made  his crimes public for everyone to view on Facebook. It seemed as if Stephen’s decision to murder another person was apparently due to the end of a three-year relationship with his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

Days before uploading his first Facebook video, Stephens had spoken to his mother, Maggie Green. According to CNN, Stephens told his mother that he was killing people because he was upset with his girlfriend.

Stephens then recorded and uploaded a Facebook video showing how he aimed a gun at an elderly man, Robert Godwin, and shot him. In the shocking video, Stephen’s clearly says to the elderly man, “[My ex-girlfriend is] the reason this is about to happen to you,” after telling Godwin to say his ex-girlfriend’s name.

In another shocking video, Stephens speaks with someone over the phone where he explains how he lost control of his emotions after feeling so much anger and frustration.

“I just killed 13 people, and I’m going to keep killing until they catch me,” Stephens said.

Even though Stephens admitted to killing other 13 people, police never heard about any other incident.

Although many people blamed Lane as the cause of Stephens’ actions, she was devastated about what had happened.

“I am very sad for everyone involved. I am praying for them and I am praying for Steve,” Lane said on a Facebook post.

The search for Stephens continued until he committed suicide in Pennsylvania. According to CNN, Stephens was ordering food at McDonald’s when employees recognized him and immediately called the police. Stephens drove off, and five miles away from the restaurant, the police officers were finally able to corner him. He left many people devastated with his decisions, but Lane told CBS News that Stephens was actually generous with everyone he knew.

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