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Rubio bids farewell to San Gabriel

Silvia Rubio is retiring on her fourteenth year of working at San Gabriel High School’s (SGHS) attendance office as a manager.

Working as an attendance office manager is not an easy job, as SGHS has a bigger campus, more teachers, and students older than what she was used to in her previous school.

Rubio wishes good luck to the future manager of the attendance office.

“There are changes every year, and I hope the next Office Manager will have an easy transition,” Rubio said.

Rubio started working for the Alhambra School District at Garfield Elementary School as a librarian. After coming to SGHS, Rubio missed the kids that would visit her during their recess and lunch hours.

“I loved when the primary grades would sit in a circle on the rug while I read stories to them,” Rubio said. “It was very hard to leave the those little kids.”

At the beginning of the 2003 school year, Rubio transferred to SGHS from Garfield.

“After a few years [working at SGHS], I saw the name of a substitute teacher that looked familiar and was surprised and delighted to see my little library friend, teacher Stephanie Boettcher,” Rubio said. “She’s now on staff in the history department.”

Aside from her work, there are many stories that Rubio said she would never forget.

“Three of my four kids attended SGHS,” Rubio said. “My son, Morgan Kadoya, was a four-year band member. He graduated in 1999, and when he married in 2013, he reached back to his band days here and asked [band teacher] Tammy Cognetta to play at his wedding.”

Beda Ramirez, a guidance technician, has worked with Rubio for fourteen years, both at Garfield Elementary School and SGHS.

“Silvia has wonderful stories, and she is such a character. She is so funny, and she is a traviesa,” Ramirez said. “I will miss her.”

Rubio also said that she will miss those whom she worked with as well.

“They are like a second family to me, and I hope to keep in touch,” Rubio said.

With her retirement, Rubio plans to return to school and get involved with volunteer work, possibly at animal shelters, in the future.

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