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Monsta X, “THE CLAN Pt 2.5: The Final Chapter” album review

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Having released their first full studio album in March, Korean pop (K-pop) boy group Monsta X reached new heights in their music career. Although I might be a little late to review their album which was released nearly two months ago, their music is still relevant in the K-pop world. Monsta X also only recently finished promoting their new album.

The group’s first full album titled,THE CLAN Pt.2.5: The Final Chapter” is an album filled with songs that define Monsta X’s musical style. They first debuted in 2015 with a heavy hip-hop based title song. With an album still based on hip-hop, they have definitely showed improvement and musical growth throughout these two years.

Their title song for this album, “Beautiful”, is about a man having feelings for a woman so beautiful that he cannot take his eyes off of her. The moment I heard this song, I knew I would be hooked onto it. The beat and the melody are addictive and pleasant to the ears. Another personal favorite song on the album is “5:14(Last page)”. I loved the message of this song as it tells the story of Monsta X and how they will never forget their roots.

This album is my favorite album from Monsta X so far, because of the addictive melodies, and the messages conveyed through the songs.

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