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DIY: Stress Ball

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Like every other school year, this year has been very stressful with multiple home works, projects, and tests. However, this easy DIY can help you relieve some stress while still getting your work done. A simple homemade stress ball only requires four ingredients—cornstarch, balloons, water, and a water bottle.

First, mix two cups of cornstarch with a cup and water and stir until sticky. The mixture should be fine once it begins getting hard to stir. Once the mixture is right, fill a water bottle with the goopy blend.

Then, attach the opening of the balloon on top of the water bottle opening and flip the bottle upside down. Fill the balloon until there is no more mixture left in the bottle. Try to not let any excess air bubbles get into the balloon. If you do, squeeze any air bubbles out before tying the end of the balloon into a knot.

Finally, cut the end of another balloon and wrap it around the balloon that has the mixture. This adds an extra layer to the stress ball, making it more durable. Now you have your own homemade stress ball and did not have to spend any money buying one that would give the same effect. Hopefully, this has helped with all the stress from the school year.

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