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DIY: Classic spiral tie dye t-shirt

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Step 1: Place a pre-washed, damp t-shirt flat on a smooth surface.

Step 2: Pick a spot on the shirt and pinch some fabric to place between your fingers.

Step 3: Twist your fingers to begin the spiral twirl and begin wrapping the fabric around your pinch. Continue twisting until it resembles the shape of a cinnamon roll.

Step 4: Use rubber bands to hold the fabric together. Wrap the rubber bands under and over the spiral so that the fabric will hold its shape during the dyeing process.

Step 5: Using gloves, combine water with all chemicals except dye. Add liquid to dye gradually. Apply the dye to the T-shirt using squeeze bottles, paint brushes, or sponges with as many colors as you want.

Step 6: Put the tied T-shirt into a plastic bag and let it sit for at least four hours. Shorter times work better in the heat and longer times are needed when it is cold.

Step 7: Remove the T-shirt from the bag and while it is still tied, rinse off the excess dye under cold running water. Then, rinse it in warmer water as you untie the T-shirt until the water runs fairly clear. Place in the wash for one cycle, and rock your new tie dye shirt!

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