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Judgement based on musical taste is not fair

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The kind of music that you listen to does not define you. Often times, people are made fun of and judged by the style of music they listen to. If you listen to songs by Justin Bieber, you are lame. If you listen to country music, you are a hillbilly. If you listen to Korean pop music (K-pop), you are a crazy fanatic.

As a fan of Korean music myself, I have heard countless gags and negative responses from people when I told them I like k-pop. When I first started to like K-pop, I was afraid of letting people know, because I thought they would make fun of me. I was what people would call, a closeted K-pop fan. I thought that if people knew that I liked K-pop, they would think I’m weird and lame.  However, after a while, I realized that listening to a certain type of music does not give someone the right to shame me for it.  

The same goes for people living in fear of being judged, and made fun of from the style of music they enjoy listening to. Although your musical preference may imply some personality traits about you, it does not define your character or who you are as a person.

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