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With Digital Extreme’s (DE) WARFRAME celebrating its fourth anniversary on March 25, Update 20 was launched on March 24, bringing many long-awaited changes to the arsenal and the Limbo Warframe. Along with U20, DE released the recently most-anticipated bard Warframe, Octavia, Octavia’s signature weapons, Tenora and Pandero, Captura Mode—a photo shoot mode made for players—, and her storyline quest, Octavia’s Anthem.

Octavia itself brings many new changes to the game such as new dancing emotes, the Mandachord, and the playstyle of many players. The Mandachord allows players to compose unique songs that will be used by Octavia and her abilities. The Mandachord consists of three sections: Percussion, Bass, and Melody; it can also be used with multiple instruments provided by Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts to make an even more unique sounding song.

Her abilities ranges from inflicting damage onto enemies and multiplying its strength the more damage it takes, a deployable rollerball that charms foes into follow it and can be used with another ability to make it even more deadly, musical beats that can grant buffs for each synchronized action done to the beat, and a damage amplification buff for Octavia and nearby allies.

Overall, DE developers and contributors really outdid the community’s expectations, but have also failed some as well. Octavia was a new concept that was entirely different from each of their previous Warframes.

For 225 platinum, players could add Octavia into their arsenals or 640 platinum for a bundle including Octavia, her alternative helmet, and her signature weapons.  Each instrument for the Mandachord would cost 50 platinum, totaling to 250 platinum for all instruments. Players also have the choice to complete Octavia’s Anthem for Octavia’s main blueprint and farm for Octavia’s components on certain missions instead.


Mandachord Example

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