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No one can say Hollywood is short of ideas when all they do is reuse movies from the past. Kicking off Hollywood remakes this year, is Universal’s Kong: Skull Island, the latest installment to the franchise.

The newest King Kong film was pretty good. It had a great cast and entertaining story, but it wasn’t perfect. Kong has a lot of characters walking around on his island and you spend so much time advancing with the story that you can’t really focus on any of them. Even Kong, who in the past has been a giant gorilla who falls in love with the main actress, is difficult to develop into. The screen time for each character is very short and because of that many of the characters seem bland and undeveloped. Despite the apparent lack of emotion in the characters, they still are a great cast and move smoothly over the treacherous terrain of the island.

The highly anticipated new King Kong film begins when scientists are intrigued by the discovery of a new island in the south Pacific, a team of soldiers and explorer type journalists, are sent to see what’s going on in this mysterious island. Upon arriving, surprise surprise, they are attacked and forced to survive on an island infested with monstrous beasts from your wildest dreams and it just happens to be run by a 100ft tall gorilla called ‘Kong’.

The size of Kong in the new movie is the second largest yet. Following in the footsteps of 2014’s Godzilla, the movie has dramatically increased the size and visuals of the awesome ape in a way that drags you right into the action on the island. The presence of Kong on screen really puts you in your place as a tiny human, just like how the characters feel.

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