Teachers build friendships throughout school work

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Just like every student on campus who enjoys having a break from the daily routine of school, there are teachers that feel just the exact way.

Having people that can alleviate the stress and concerns are invaluable. Many years of work have also built many years of friendship between teachers at San Gabriel High School. This is something that physical education teacher Jon Keller, English teacher Scott Myers, science teacher Robert Johnson, Alan Tran, and Ryan Wong can relate to.

“Everything starts in a classroom at the E-building where we have a small fridge and a table to enjoy lunch together,” Myers said. “Everyone that eats lunch with us are considered friends.”

Otherwise than just eating lunch together, Myers’s believes a close bond has formed outside of work.

“I have played poker twice at a year at Keller’s house,” Myers said.

In addition, Keller thinks it is great to have other co-workers at his house so the trust and friendship can grow.

“There has been a number of teachers and even a few of the administrators that have gone over to play poker,” Keller said. “It’s just for camaraderie outside of work.”

They all share similar feelings towards the friendship they have. Wong also added on how he feels comfortable and joyful to share many laughable moments.

“This is pretty much my comfort zone, we have a lot of things things we enjoy in common,” Wong said. “We all enjoy sports and picking on each other. It’s a whole a lot of fun.”

Then there’s Tran who also mentioned on how being able to have fun conversations everyday at work helps to forget all the concerns in mind.

“You start feeling relaxed just by talking to people and having fun,” Tran said.

The bond between the five makes them value their lunch time more, it is the only time available to share great moments and have nothing to do with school work.

“It’s great because when you are around students all day, people don’t realize that it’s nice to talk with people who understand and relate to you,” Myers said.

Myers added on how many teachers and himself prefer students to retake a test after school or early in the morning, since lunch is a very sacred time to catchup with friends.

Lunch is sacred, especially for teachers who spend hours working.

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