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Lost, mismatched socks

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For people who wake up late for school or on a time restraint, wearing mismatched socks is not a big problem. Many people tend to make fun of others for wearing mismatched socks; however, I find it extremely cute and more unique to one’s fashion.

For example, with my tendency to wake up late for school almost everyday, I have no time to look through my closet for a pair of matching socks. Usually, I take two random socks of the same type and put it on without a care. At first, I did not want to let it be seen by anyone, because I was embarrassed, but overtime I found myself liking the idea of mismatched socks. Not only does it save time in the morning, it makes my outfit a tiny splash of color.

Even though some of my friends still make fun of me for wearing mismatched socks to school, I have grown to enjoy wearing different colored socks. That is why you should not be ashamed of wearing mismatched socks, because it can bring out more color in you. Sometimes, it may be the focus of your outfit.

I’m not an expert on mismatched socks, but I can give one tip. When wearing mismatching socks, it might be better to choose socks that have the same design, but have a different color scheme. It is more appealing to the eyes and makes your outfit stand out.

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