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Homeshake Fresh Air album review

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Homeshake, a Montreal-based alternative pop ensemble, released their fifth album in counting, Fresh Air on Feb. 3. Mixed with an eclectic fusion of R&B, soul, and indie, Fresh Air presents a groove that usual alternative pop albums cannot compare to.

Since discovering Homeshake from one of their tracks, “Home At Last”, found in their album In the Shower, I rummaged through every track that I could find, and let me say that they have no track that could possibly disappoint. After finding about their next album drop, I was on my toes for Fresh Air to debut, knowing that it would not fail me. The album came to exceed all my expectations.

The album commences with a greeting title called “Hello Welcome” that teases the ear with electric guitar strumming, and ends with a reiteration of hellos. The remaining of the tracks was a melding mixture of gratifying vibrations.

If I had to sum up the album in two words, it would be: minimal and bizarre. Minimal, for the reason being that each singular instrument can be both heard and differentiated, and it doesn’t take many musical tools for Homeshake to compose this album. The album can also be labeled bizarre for incorporating sounds like the wind and cowbells.

Altogether, every track had its own place. There was really no song that I felt was a filler in the album. It was purely produced from deep thought and two years of production.

The album consists of a round total of 14 songs. You can purchase the album on Bandcamp for $10 in the link or stream free on Spotify.

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