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Homemade s’mores

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Although many believe that s’mores are only meant to be eaten at a campfire, it can also be eaten at home. Even if you can’t grab the same atmosphere of eating and creating s’mores outside, making them inside is a good alternative.

I clearly remember being confused when my older sister asked me if I wanted to eat homemade s’mores a few years back. I was confused, because I thought s’mores were something to be eaten when you go camping. However, my sister pointed out to me, that with just a stove and chopsticks, you can make s’mores.

With that, we went to the store and bought graham crackers, milk chocolate bars, and marshmallows. All you have to do is put your marshmallow on a chopstick, turn on your stove, and roast the marshmallow over the fire. After completing that step, stack the roasted marshmallow on top of the cracker and chocolate. Lastly, put another cracker on top to complete the s’more.

After eating my first ever s’more in entire life, I could not stop eating it. Even though it wasn’t made in front of a campfire but in front of a stove, it still tasted delicious. Therefore, whenever you feel like eating a s’more, don’t think that the only time to eat it is when you go camping.


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