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Blood Moon Jhin rises

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With the Lunar Revel event coming to a close, Riot Games released a new Blood Moon event, creating a new game mode and new skins for several champions. Jhin, the Virtuoso, was one of the champions chosen to get a Blood Moon skin; others champions include: Diana, Talon, and Twisted Fate.

The Blood Moon Jhin skin includes new sound effects, animations, particles, and a new model for the champion in game. Staying true to his character, Jhin, now armed with a new inkwell, continues to strive to make his enemies beautiful. In game, the skin grants players a unique background theme when they use Jhin’s ultimate ability, Curtain Call; the new theme replaces Jhin’s regular ultimate soundtrack. Jhin’s auto-attacks and regular abilities have been altered with ink-like effects.The thematics of the skin and event tie in really well with Jhin’s lore.

Riot really outdid itself with Blood Moon Jhin’s splash art. The mask on his face symbolizes his newfound connection to the spirit world, a concept introduced by the Blood Moon event. The dark colors and night setting set the stage for champions rising with the Blood Moon to shine. The splash arts for the Blood Moon skins of Diana, Talon, and Twisted fate also share a similar color scheme and theme. Riot’s priority on making themes that connect with each other has become more and more apparent over the years.

For 1350 Riot Points, players could add Blood Moon Jhin to their skins collection.

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