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Titanic: New Story

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For over 100 years, many people have continued to remember all the innocent lives that were lost on the Titanic after the terrible accident occurred.

After many years of investigation, everyone was informed that the cause of the tragedy that happened on April 15, 1912 was a collision with an iceberg.

However, over years of continued research, investigations and observations of the actual ship, new information has recently been revealedevidence that has never found before.

According to a documentary named “Titanic: The New Evidence,” journalist Senan Molony pinpoints the actual cause of the tragic that occurred that night.

By observing some photographs taken by the chief of the ship, Molony was able to create a theory no one had ever heard of before. Investigators now believe that a fire started the tragedy not an iceberg, contrary to what everyone had always believed. Molony said that “30- foot long black marks” were at the exact spot where the ship had apparently hit the iceberg.

Experts supported this speculation, confirming that there was indeed a fire that weakened the ship’s steel hull and caused the ship to break apart.

“I feel that I was lied to because this whole time I thought the ship crashed into an iceberg, and I have a feeling they would make a new movie,” senior Alberto Garcia said.

This revelation has changed many people’s perspective, almost as if everything was a dream and nothing was real.

“The iceberg probably made the ship malfunction in which causes there to be a fire or some sort, but it was clearly bumped into an iceberg,” junior Alice Li said.

Different thoughts will arise with this up-to-date news, but so far, this theory is believable to many.

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