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Youtuber Henry Mucha Article Apology

As a first-year news reporter/writer for The Matador newspaper, it is my responsibility to report to my audience truthfully and nothing less. With this, it’s an understatement to say I am highly disappointed, not only in myself personally, but in myself as a writer. Not only did I fabricate a portion of Youtuber Henry Mucha’s article, I did not fulfill my duty to remain completely honest with The Matador’s readers. In an attempt to give the article a “wow factor,” I resorted to making up my own backstory (which went to say Mucha had lived a prank-filled childhood); something that’s non-negotiable when it comes to news writing.

I took my position too lightly by dismissing the effects my actions could have and possibly offending The Matador’s readers, which was completely unprofessional of me. I take full accountability for my actions, and sincerely apologize to our readers and my fellow staff members for my mistake in writing an article that was untrue. Though my intentions were far from going against the journalist’s code of ethics, it does not excuse nor justify the damage I have done to not only my name, but the reputation and high standards of The Matador newspaper.

I understand the consequences of my actions, and will not take my opportunity of giving voice to the voiceless for granted. For future reference, I will consult my editors if faced with any situation that may challenge my judgement, and my adviser if the matter extends to a greater issue. I will not abuse the power of publication nor take my freedom of speech and press lightly; and from this point on, I will take this incident as a learning experience and work harder as a journalist. I will never make this mistake of judgment again.

The sections I had falsified started from the quote, “As a little kid I remember pulling pranks on my brothers and friends…,” to the quote, “…I guess you could say they can occasionally get JAL-EP-EÑO business.” Any sections located before or after those quotes were not fabricated.

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