Photo by Michelle Ho from left to right, junior Jade Tran and Alec Lucero, and senior Rocksann Browne

New year brings new roster

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The start of the new semester kicked off with the start of a new year but not only did the semester and year change, the school roster did as well. With the addition of new students, such as senior Rocksann Browne and juniors Alec Lucero and Jade Tran, one cannot help but notice; why San Gabriel High School (SGHS)? Whether the move to SGHS was optional or not, all juniors had a noticeable common denominator. Friends. Friends are the similar aspects as to why the new students of SGHS felt so eager to the idea of a new move to a new school.

“I actually went to school here before, but the reason I came back was because all of my friends are here,” Browne said.

Reconnection with old friends was not something Lucero had in mind at the thought of moving schools, but it is something he received.

“I like seeing my best friend [around school] because I haven’t seen him since the 8th grade,” Lucero said. “It’s nice to reconnect with someone in a new place where I don’t know as many people. Or just to have someone by my side; I find it more comforting.”

Although the mere thought of having someone when you get to a new school, the unavoidable thought of leaving someone is something else. Most people make connections throughout their high school career, but imagine three years of built relationships.

“Leaving [Color Guard] and my friends had to be the biggest struggle of transferring because I was really close to both of them,” Tran said. “My friends have been through almost everything that has happened in my life and it was difficult to go from seeing them five days a week for two and a half years to at least once a week.”

There were definitely pros and cons about transferring to SGHS. All students said that the school has a completely different academic pace in comparison to their previous schools. Not only that, they were allowed a rare opportunity. They were allowed to start anew, a clean slate. Changing anything can be a difficult thing, but it is a natural thing in life. The exception of this fact is just something that needs to be done.

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