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Often times when I play games, I overlook the artistic aesthetics of them because I always try to rush for victories. I forget that a great amount of effort was placed into character, structure, and art designs. However, sometimes, when I slow down and look at the small details of games, I realize how beautiful artworks can be. For example, League of Legends features splash arts for all their characters and skins. When not in game, I enjoy scrolling through them to see all the different styles for each character.

In the picture above, Leona, a League of Legends character, has been drawn with a different style. A lot of people may prefer the original versions of art over new versions, but I appreciate different ways of approaching tasks. New approaches bring a feel of freshness and innovation that I enjoy seeing. Instead of having a more cartoon-like style, the artist chose to depict Leona with a more mature look. The color and contrasts really highlight Leona’s affiliation with the sun. Compared to the original, I prefer this version of Leona because of color choices and contrasts.  It is amazing that people are able to take existing ideas and produce their own renditions.

Drawing has not been one of my fortes. I appreciate the effort artists put into their works because drawing is not an easy task. While my most sophisticated drawings are stick figures and basic geometric shapes, I definitely admire those who can bring their visions to reality through art.

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