The Chainsmokers release a new single

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The Chainsmokers never seize to fail us with their upbeat, electro-house music. On Jan. 12, the EDM duo of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall released a new hit single called “Paris.”

This song is about the joys and regrets experienced in the youth period. It features a young couple who are determined to stay together throughout all the hardships they face, shown in the lyrics “If we go down then we go down together.”

Along with the vocals from Taggart, female vocals can be heard throughout the song. These parts are sung by 24-year-old Emily Warren. Since her vocals are considered to be an effect rather than a part of a duet, Warren was not credited in the song. She previously also helped write the song “Don’t Let Me Down.”

“We’re all so in this together that when you get in the studio, there’s no ego and no competition — it’s actually fun to make stuff together,” Warren said.

“Paris” seems to be following closely in hits as The Chainsmokers’s previous song, “Closer.” As “Closer” hits one billion views on YouTube, “Paris” is already following with its 15 million views. Along with its three million daily plays on Spotify, “Paris” has made its way to the top five in the Global Top 50.

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