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“Surrender”ing to the beat of the music

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Watching League of Legends streamers on Twitch is one of my favorite activities during leisure time. Often times, the streamers would have their Spotify or Pandora playlists playing in the background as they talk and play the game. Surprisingly enough, while watching streamers play the game, I was able to build up my playlist and discover new songs that I enjoyed listening to. Often times, streamers suggest better songs than Spotify does. Perhaps, I just have similar music preferences with gamers.

I listened to “Surrender” by Cash Cash for the first time when I watched NightBlue3 stream, an intense game of League of Legends. Instantly, the song clicked with me. I felt as though the song perfectly described my emotions during a typical school week.

“I was running on an empty heart, not a trace of gasoline,” Julia Michaels sings.

That line perfectly captures the feeling of going through each grueling class period during the school year. It seems as though the weekends have turned into a “recharging period” where I am able to rest and ready myself for another demanding week. Though, weekends are not sufficient enough to recover from the wounds that school inflicts upon students.

“Like a soldier on the battle ground, lying wounded on the field” perfectly captures the essence of warlike qualities of a test-filled school week. From sleep deprivation to juggling multiple activities, it can be a huge struggle to last through the entire school week.

Despite the hardships of going through school years, I am glad that there is music to change people’s moods and lighten up the environment.

Listen to Cash Cash’s Surrender here.

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