Sheeran showcases two new songs in 2017

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In my opinion, 25-year-old Ed Sheeran is the guy with the perfect words for those moments of bursting emotions everywhere. Following the new year of 2017, Sheeran released two new songs: “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You.” The first time I heard the songs was when the songs were being covered by several youtubers. When I heard Sheeran, I was blown away by his extraordinary and compelling story with his lyrics and the incredible and grand instrumental parts of both songs. I have not been a “sheerio,” Sheeran’s fandom, however I have been drawn into it by his unique vocals. I personally enjoy his lyrics and music notes of “Shape Of You,” because it is addictively catchy and has an upbeat tune. I would rate his new songs both a 10 out of 10, because of the incredible combination of a stunning sheet of music, awesome lyrics, and an amazing voice. Sheeran has in store a third album that includes these two songs along with 5+ songs. His album is titled “Divide” and is expected to be released on March 3. I am looking forward to his new music for the new year and honestly, this might be only one of the limited things that is happening this new year.


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