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Five clever fashion hacks

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Sure, a lost button or deodorant stain could destroy your outfit plans, but armed with the right knowledge, these fashion catastrophes are surprisingly manageable. While you may not consider yourself the most practical person just yet, these foolproof tips and tricks will transform you into a fashion handyman. Whether your wardrobe is in need of rescue or you are just looking to ready yourself for whatever may be ahead, these fashion hacks can easily save your favorite outfits from total ruin.

1) Remove deodorant stains
When you have to put deodorant on, often times you already have a shirt on and have to carefully apply it. Unfortunately, trying not to get deodorant on your shirt can be challenging and unavoidable. Baby wipes are handy and can resolve this issue by helping you remove those white deodorant marks.

2) DIY double-clothes hanger
Be sure to save those little tabs from your soda cans. Hard to believe, but you can use them to create double clothes hangers. This can help you put outfits together for the week and also saves some closet space.

3) Remove gum
Getting gum stuck on your clothing, furniture, or hair can strike at any time; therefore, it is a good reason to know this tip on how to easily remove it from clothes and other fabric with ice! The idea is to get the gum as cold as possible to harden it and make it easier to scrape off.

4) Hoodie strings gone astray
Usually, if you make a few knots at the ends of the string of a hoodie, it is less likely for it get lost through those holes. However, if it comes loose in the wash, there are a few ways to rescue it! If it falls all the way out (if it does not, pull it out), you can push one end of the string through a straw, staple it on, and then push it back through the narrow tunnel of your hoodie.  Another way is that you can attach a safety pin to one end (gives you something hard to grip through the fabric), and use your fingers to guide it through the channel.

5) Clever zipper solution
Here is an easy trick to help keep that pesky zipper up! Slide a key chain ring onto the loop of your zipper, and then loop it around the button. The ring stays concealed under the denim and ensures that you do not get caught with your fly down.

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