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DIY: Charcoal pore strips

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Remember when kids at school used to put PVA glue on their hands and peel it off? Now there’s a way to put that nostalgic memory into use with a beauty DIY. This simple charcoal pore strip can be made with just two ingredients.

As Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips retail for roughly $1 per nose strip, a better alternative might be to make your own at home.

The only ingredients needed are PVA glue and activated charcoal tablets or capsules. These can be found on Amazon for about $6.

First, put about a tablespoon of glue into a mixing bowl. Then, add enough charcoal to make the glue a dark black color by either crushing up the tablets or opening up the capsules. Mix the two items together until homogenous. Immediately apply to areas where there are blackheads waiting for removal. Let it dry completely, then finally peel in an upwards direction.

Activated charcoal can benefit the skin by drawing out bacteria, toxins, and dirt trapped under the skin. This DIY will work to pull out blackheads and leave skin feeling smooth.

This can be used as a pore strip or a face mask, but be sure to avoid any spots with hair and be aware of some pain during the removal process.

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