Nintendo “Switches” it up

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Nintendo is well known for surprising people with their controversial products, but the recent first look at the Nintendo Switch, codenamed “NX,” was finally revealed as of Oct. 20. The new console appears to be Nintendo’s attempt at impressing their fans and creating a home console that can be used on the go. Despite sharing many relations to the previous console, the Wii U, it can be seen as portable, maneuverable, and controller-friendly.

The Switch has not yet been confirmed to be touchscreen friendly. The Switch also appears to have 720p resolution and is about six inches in length. The console is shown using cartridges similar to the 3DS to provide the mobility that the Wii U never had. Despite looking like a home console, it is shown to be much more portable like a 3DS and multiplayer and third-party game friendly.

The controllers used for the console revolve mainly around the detachable sides. The sides can be used as TV or Wii remotes and can be attached to have a similar feeling as the Wii U gamepad. The Switch is slimmer than the clunky ancestor and has a stand to use as a mini television. A second controller was revealed in the trailer as well, and looks like the Switch’s version of the Wii U pro controller. For more information,the community must wait for Jan. 13, 2017 to hear more about Nintendo’s most abstract console yet.

The Switch was discovered in 2015 with the name NX before it was officially revealed. It is still unknown what “NX” stands for. All that is known about the name is that it was replaced with “Switch.” Even though the Switch has been known for about a year, there have been no screenshots, games, nor any news until Nintendo confirmed it on Oct. 20. Nintendo fans are hyped and confused as to what the console is exactly.

Sophomore, Rafe Grossmann said, “I do not think Nintendo made a good choice with the name of the console, but I am excited to see what kind of perks the NX has in store for us.”

But now that the Switch is revealed, people just want more information on the Switch immediately.  But for now, all the interested fans can do is wait until Jan. 13 for Nintendo to tell their community more about the new console, “Nintendo Switch.”

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