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VanderWaal continues music in EP

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Most people have heard of the reality show America’s Got Talent (AGT); Grace VanderWaal is the 12-year-old who won the eleventh season of the installment back in September. She played the ukulele and sang for her audition, and now released her debut EP on Dec. 2. When I first came across her on AGT, I was astonished by her amazing voice and the fact that she is not even a teenager yet. The title of her EP is Perfectly Imperfect and the visual is very pleasing. The EP contains five songs: “I Don’t Know My Name,” “ Clay,”  “Light the Sky,”  “Beautiful Thing,” and “Gossip Girl.” It is great that she incorporated her ukulele into all of her songs. My favorite songs in her EP would be,“Clay” and “I Don’t Know My Name.” It’s because I just admire the lyrics of the two songs so much. In my opinion, I would rate her EP a 9 out of 10. It is because I liked the fact that her debut EP really showcases her and her many abilities; her singing, ukulele playing skills, and songwriting skills. Overall, I feel like she will have an awesome time with making music and accomplish a lot in the future.

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