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Out of the many challenges 2016 has brought us, #mannequinchallenge is definitely one of the most popular. The mannequin challenge is a new viral trend in which groups of people are filmed, standing motionless while Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” plays in the background. The challenge originates from Jacksonville, Fla. by high schools students who pretended to be mannequins as if they were modeling clothes, according to The Atlantic.

The challenge has spread as far as pro-sports teams, celebrities, and even San Gabriel High School (SGHS). During the homecoming dance, the Associated Student Body (ASB) announced to the attendees that they would be filming the whole event as an activity.

“I feel that the DJ really wanted to incorporate mainstream and recent trends to increase the excitement within the participants of the dance,” senior ASB president Cassidy Pham said.

Not only did the challenge occur at the dance, SGHS’s Sophomore Class Council did their own take at their Blockheads Fundraiser on Nov. 18.

“We did the mannequin challenge because we noticed that it was trending and we thought that it would be fun to attempt to recreate it among our class,” member Vanessa Huang said. “We wanted to do something [special compared to] other fundraisers and do something different.”

The new trend has brought many people together as the activity is used to show people’s cooperation and unity. The challenge is certainly a highlight of this year and can be used as a simple activity in future events.

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