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House fire accident in student’s home

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On Nov. 8, senior Tracy Van arrived home to find that her roof had been burned. A portion of it had been reduced to ashes and there had been a gaping hole left in her ceiling. Later on, Van learned that the fire had most likely been caused by wires under the roof scraping against each other. Although the firefighters had fought to stop the fire from spreading, they could not, and were forced to destroy the roof.

The fire had occurred in the afternoon as Van sat in her fifth period class. Her dad had been the only family member at home, though luckily, neighbors had noticed the fire early on and screamed out to alert him.

After the initial shock, Van had felt terrible and distressed. The feeling of helplessness had her in a state of despair and uncertainty. Van and her family already had financial issues, and the fire accident only created greater troubles.

“It affected my parents the most because my family isn’t the richest out there,” Van said. “With this happening, my parents have to somehow find money to replace all of our belongings.”

For Van herself, things have been trying and she has handled the predicament as best as possible.

“It’s pretty hard to deal with,” Van said, “but I have my family and friends to help support me and cheer me up whenever I’m down.”

The continuous support from her friends and coaches and other students from school has encouraged Van to carry on as positively as she could.

“I’m thankful to have all of them in my life supporting me through the tough times,” Van said. “When I felt like nothing was going to get better, they stayed by my side and told me everything was going to be okay. They told me not to lose hope and that they would always be there for me when I needed them.”

She has created a Gofundme page where people can donate any amount of money to reach her goal of $8000. Anyone can support her at

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