San Gabriel’s mock election forecasts Clinton

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by a landslide in mock elections held at San Gabriel High School on Nov. 3. Student Advocates for Voter Empowerment (S.A.V.E) along with the help of the Social Studies Department, organized the mock election which was held in the Multi-Purpose Room. Over 1530 students participated, many of whom are still too young vote.

When asked about the importance about this mock election, history teacher Henry Osborne said it helps students become more engaged.

“It gives people that haven’t voted a taste of what it’s like to vote; it helps in a little way, the habit or pattern of voting, which is critically important for our democracy,” Osborne said. “It makes them a little more aware of not only their right, but their responsibility.”

The results came in the next day, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump, 1189 to 242. In regards to the senate, Loretta Sanchez won 836 to 683 against Kamala Harris. Judy Chu easily beat Jack Orswell for House of Representatives, 1229 to 290.

For Proposition 56 (tobacco tax raise) 1233 voted yes against 340 who voted against it. Proposition 62 (repeal of the death penalty) barely made it, as 786 voted yes while 779 voted no. Proposition 63 (background check for ammunition purchases) also was approved easily, 1181 to 382. Lastly, Proposition 64 (legalization of marijuana) was approved 835 to 533.

San Gabriel’s mock election provided insight to what could possibly happen in the actual election tonight.

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