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Chicago Cubs break 108 year old curse

The annual World Series has returned for the 2016 Major League Baseball postseason. The championship is best out of seven games and this year, it features two teams that has not won the championship since the 20th century. The teams are the Chicago Cubs whose last World Series win was back in 1908 and the Cleveland Indians whose last win was in 1948.

The Indians has had no luck since their last win but the Cubs has blamed the infamous “Curse of the Billy Goat” for their lack of World Series appearances. The curse dates back to Oct. 6, 1945, when the Cubs were facing the Detroit Tigers in game four of the championship.  A man, Billy Sianis, went up to the gates and presented two tickets. One for himself and the other for his goat, Murphy. Sianis was an owner of a bar called the the Billy Goat Tavern and Murphy was his mascot. Sianis brought his goat to the game to promote his bar and bring good luck to the Cubs. However, Murphy was not allowed in due to his stench that irritated the fans. Sianis then cursed the Cubs from ever winning a World Series again.

Game one was held at Progressive Field in Cleveland which resulted in an Indians win 6-0. The Cubs, however, came back in game two with a win of 5-1. The Indians continued to dominate the next two games with the scores of 1-0 and 7-2 at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Chicagoans had very little hope left now that the Cubs were losing the series 3-1. Game five was the dealbreaker that determined if the Cubs would continue the World Series and force a game six or the Indians would win the championship all together.

In the most anticipated game of the World Series so far, the Cubs barely defeated the Indians with a score of 3-2. Cubs fans were ecstatic over the win and were ignited with hope once more now that they were only one game away from tying the series. Game six was held in Cleveland once again and the Cubs were unstoppable. With Jake Arrieta’s pitches and Addison Russell’s grand slam, the Cubs won with a drastic score of 9-2. The series was now tied and the Cubs were gaining momentum. Game seven was the ultimate dealbreaker that determined who the 2016 World Series champions were.

Game seven started off with a solo home run from Cubs’s center fielder, Dexter Fowler. The Indians soon made a comeback and tied the game in the third inning. The Cubs had a safe lead of 6-3 up until the eighth inning when the Indians score three runs and tied it 6-6. The ninth inning was the most stressful as both teams each had one more chance before the winners were declared. The inning resulted in another tie, where both teams did not score and that led to a forced tenth inning. The Cubs were up to bat first and ended their turn with two home runs, making it 8-6. The Indians were up next and were anxious about whether they could either tie it again or win the entire thing. The Indians made one run before getting three outs and ending the game.

The Cubs were the 2016 World Series champions. Their 108 year drought was over and the curse was broken. Thousands of fans were overfilled with joy and relief because their endless support had finally paid off. Old and new generations joined together and sang the team’s song, “Go Cubs Go.” Chicago was finally rewarded with a World Series title.

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