English Teacher Mr. Myers scores in the classroom and on the rink

By day he’s a teacher at San Gabriel High School, teaching sophomores and seniors. But by night, he plays the center position of the ice rink for Team Hungry Man, the current winners of Pasadena’s Division Four Adult League. Believe it or not, it’s English teacher Scott Myers from P108.

“It’s enjoyable playing a team sport,” Myers said. “I really like the team aspect of it”

Myers started playing hockey when he was four years old and played for the West Covina Bruins. He continued to play hockey all the way up until high school. He stopped playing hockey throughout his high school years but resumed in college. He played hockey for his school, the California Lutheran University.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Myers said. “It’s a good exercise.”

Myers is currently playing for Team Hungry Man in the Pasadena Division Four Adult League. Before playing organized hockey with Team Hungry Man, he played pickup games with his friend in Ontario.

“When you play pickup in Ontario […] we didn’t have referees, we didn’t have uniforms,” Myers said. “One team would wear white, one team would where dark and you just go out and have fun”

Through hockey, Myers has met some of his closest friends. He has forged relationships with his teammates that have lasted for a very long time.

“Some of my closest friends I met playing hockey,” Myers said. “The buddy I go fishing with in Canada, I met playing hockey […] I used to play with him in Ontario when I was in my 20’s and we’re still friends.”

Not only does Myers enjoy the sport of hockey, but he enjoys the fun of being in a team. It’s safe to say that his favorite thing in hockey is being part of the team.

“When we won the cup, [the] guys were giving each other hugs and you know it was a team thing,” Myers said. “It’s not like winning a tennis match when you’re all by yourself, it’s different.”

Even though Myers is proud of having won the Division Four cup, he is more proud of leading his team in assists. He continues to dominate both in the classroom and the ice rink. Always being a team player, Myers says to those who wish to someday make it big in hockey. Never be selfish.

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