Students disappointed over AP Physics 2 cancellation

Following the resignation of former AP Physics teacher Larry Kanow, school administration was unable to find a suitable replacement teacher and thus, closed the planned AP Physics 2 class.

The AP Physics 2 course was originally slated for fifth period. However, without this class, the 36 seniors who had signed up for the course were required to take an alternative course, such as Teacher Aide-Tutor, or early release fourth period to fix their schedules.

“Due to staffing, we had to look at who could teach the course,” Principal Debbie Stone said. “We considered the entire staff, but none were allowed to teach an AP Physics 2 course due to credentialing.”

Stone stated that the administration had looked at ways to offer the course but ultimately had to close the planned AP Physics 2 class.

“I’m really sad by the fact that I couldn’t take the class because I really looked forward to it,” senior Gilbert Gallegos said.

Though he does not fault the administration for not offering the course, he felt that students should have been given more chances to study physics.

“There should have been more options for us, like a regular class with a substitute teacher or an after school class,” Gallegos said.

Senior Grace Li also expressed a similar sentiment and wanted more support from the administration.

“I don’t think students should handle this situation by themselves,” Li said. “Administrators should have sorted this out [instead of letting] the students figure it out by themselves. We were told to commit to the two year course when we signed up for AP Physics 1, but in the end it isn’t us who aren’t committing.”

Li stated that she would have liked to see the administration do more to find a replacement teacher or help set up a physics study group for students.

“We will do our best to plan staff on student requests for courses,” Stone said. “We were just caught in a difficult position this year. It is unfortunate because schools should be able to offer courses that students want.”

Stone stated that San Gabriel could offer the AP Physics 2 exams if students are interested in taking it and is looking to fill up the vacant physics teaching position for the upcoming school year.

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