Varsity football team defeats Ganesha, earns redemption

“I believe that we will win! Matadors in the house!” the crowd shouted as the varsity football team warmed up against Ganesha High. And win they did, with an overwhelming score of 27-0. Performance groups such as drill, cheer, Colorguard, and Marching Band, along with the students who represented their class colors in blue, red, black, and white, showed their support and spirit throughout the game.

The first quarter had a slow start with both teams at 0-0 until the end of the quarter. As the second quarter began, neither of the teams were able to turn things around. However, Ganesha began inching closer towards the end zone within four downs. The game changed its course as San Gabriel managed to prevent Ganesha from scoring at the 10 yard line. With San Gabriel on the offensive, things turned around as quarterback junior Brandon Nguyen launched a pass to junior Juan Coronado for an 80 yard touchdown with the score of 7-0.

The Matadors kicked off the second half with a more motivated attitude. Despite neither team being able to score during the third quarter, both teams had fought hard, going back and forth for the ball. San Gabriel’s defense could not be stopped as Ganesha tried to break through.

The fourth quarter commenced with the Matadors shutting Ganesha down. As the ball was kicked off, quarterback senior Ivan Gonzalez rammed through Ganesha’s defense and scored another touchdown for the Matadors with a 14-0 lead. San Gabriel’s momentum continued to accelerate as senior Jose Pineda sacked one of the opposition’s players, allowing junior Matthew Flores to intercept Ganesha’s pass on the ten yard line.

San Gabriel kicked off towards the offensive ends until Ganesha’s receiver missed the catch, leaving the Matadors to retrieve the fumble and lead Gonzalez to score another touchdown at 21-0. They continued to play hard as Flores yet again intercepted another pass and rushed from the 20 yard line for a touchdown with 26 seconds left. San Gabriel ultimately finished off Ganesha with a 27-0 victory.

Nguyen believed that the team played very well on both offensive and defensive ends by using strategies to make the team better.

“We need to act like [a team],” Nguyen said. “We need to communicate more and be a lot more humble while playing the game of football. If we keep doing what we have been doing in our last couple games, we will make a big change around San Gabriel.”

Head coach Joe Ledesma also shared his impressions of the team’s tremendous success on defense, as well as some improvements for upcoming games.

“We got some talent now and we want to make sure we’re running things by fundamentals,” Ledesma said. “Having faith in each other is the key; that’s what we got to keep doing and never stop doing.”

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