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Picture by Diane Ngo

RECAP: Girls’ Varsity Volleyball at South Pasadena

The gym was filled with silence. All eyes were on senior Samantha Wu as she approached the ball to swing, trying to turn the game around. San Gabriel (SG), was down by one (24-25), and the next point determined whether it was SG’s second chance or loss. After Wu swung, South Pasadena girls varsity volleyball gathered and cheered while the referee blew the whistle, signaling the end of their first set out of four.

The team gathered around with the San Gabriel volleyball head coach, Josh Anderson, to discuss their next play. Both the second and third set loss caused San Gabriel’s chance of winning to slim down at their fourth and last match. Students from SG watched diligently as the end was about to begin. South Pasadena received cheers and support from their friends and family as their hitters went up to spike. “1, 2, Boom!” by a bunch of footballers was heard throughout the gym. The stomping of their feet was in unison to the crowd

Around 6 p.m. the game ended with a score of 16-25 and both teams shouted the other team’s name.

When asked how about how well South Pasadena did, “It was the best team we played since,” Vicky Ong, captain of the girl’s volleyball team, said. “When they were warming up, our coach was doing another warm up for us, but I knew they were good.”

“[Despite the loss] we just shook it off because we knew that team was good,” Ong said. “It was our first year playing them. We kind of did our best.”

After recognizing South Pasadena’s ability, San Gabriel looks forward to their game on Sept. 20 against Cantwell – Sacred Heart High School girls volleyball team.

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