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Lockers express Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

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What use does San Gabriel have for the dusty lockers in the SA building? As an alternative to demolition, lush colors and vibrant expressions now adorn the cool metal of long-abandoned lockers as student artists in Keller’s and Jung’s art classes repaint them to match the academically positive attitude of San Gabriel High School.

“We have a lot of hands out here working together to paint these masterpieces.” art and ceramics teacher Karen Keller said.

The pieces on different sections of the lockers reflect the new Schoolwide Learner Outcomes, or SLO’s, posted around school to lead students in their academic journey.

“We have one on globally minded citizens, environmental concerns, and other parts of the SLO’s,” Keller said.

Student artists are bringing their visions to life through a collaborative effort. Each piece in the hallway is carefully sketched, lined, and painted by teams of students. The images on the lockers are symbolic of progressive themes of diversity, universal respect, knowledge, and learning to express oneself.

“My piece is about embracing diversity; I think that is important,” junior Erin Vong said.
The first of two hallways are decorated with inspiring artwork to motivate Matadors. Next year, future students will have the honor of painting the rest of the lockers in the SA hallway, giving students eye candy for years to come.

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