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Athletic Scholar Award

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As a proficient player in both badminton and soccer, senior Annie Wu was awarded the Athletic Scholar Award.

Along with being self-motivated to acquire good grades in school, Wu also maintained a strong work ethic, being the captain of the girls soccer team.

“I was really happy and proud because I know the award means a lot [to me] and I know my hard work and sleep deprived days were worth it,” Wu said. “Since I love both badminton and soccer, playing [sports] help me forget about all the homework and projects in school.”

Wu has been in the varsity soccer team for her entire high school career as one of its best midfielders and has also participated in CIF for badminton while also obtaining a 4.6 GPA from freshman to senior year.

Senior Austin Tien was also awarded the Athletic Scholar Award for his efforts in varsity basketball and varsity volleyball. Throughout his high school career, Tien played a significant role in both his basketball and volleyball teams, while maintaining a GPA  of 3.9 from sophomore to senior year.

Upon learning that he had won this award, Tien was “shocked.”

“I just tried my best to balance out sports and school,” Tien said.

Tien has played basketball for three years, but he is known for his prowess in volleyball, where he has contributed to deep CIF runs with coach Chris Kwan.

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