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Pillow Talk marks Zayn Malik’s venture as solo artist

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A recent opportunity came to Zayn Malik when he started his new career with a big hit single. Not only did he move on to become a solo singer, but he also adopted a completely different singing style. His new song “Pillow Talk” has started a new phase in Zayn’s life with topics too graphic to sing about in the boy band. There was a huge commotion from the One Direction fandom when he decided to leave, causing many fans to stop supporting him. Now, numerous people are criticizing his hit single, saying that he tried copying Justin Bieber’s song “Purpose.” What people should realize is that even if Zayn’s song was similar to Justin’s, it should be a compliment because it is his first song. A first song is always going to be memorable to many.

Zayn has great vocals and skills that will allow him to build his new career as a solo artist and continue to improve. He was able to captivate millions of fans, and with a fresh new start, I am confident that “Pillow Talk” will be one of many great songs by Zayn.


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