Medical Careers Academy spirit week raises heart health awareness

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The Medical Careers Academy (MCA) hosted a spirit week from Feb. 2-6.  The purpose of their spirit week was to help spread heart health awareness with fun, healthy activities for San Gabriel High School students to participate in during lunch. For example, the obstacle course informed students that exercising with cardiovascular activities leads to a lively heart. MCA also promoted the benefit of eating nutritious fruits and vegetables by placing fruits inside of whip cream pies in a pie-eating contest to contribute to a better body. One of the most successful days that MCA was able to gather a large crowd was with the dance competition and musical chairs. On the same day, Toy story-themed talent show winner ZhengZhao Yang performed a dance routine to help motivate people to dance. MCA did an especially great job teaching students how to perform Hands-only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Overall, the spirit week was successful in raising heart health awareness among the students; however, as Huong Phu said, “I can’t say it was a complete success; however, I feel like people are more aware of heart health than they would have if there hadn’t been an event.”  

The Medical Careers Academy did a great job educating students that their eating habits and activities can help or damage their bodies.



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