Sports rituals

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With the challenges, pressure, and hard work that come with being involved with sports, San Gabriel High School teams often come up with ways to boost morale and energy before competing against other schools.

Girls basketball gathers together and maintains a positive attitude before and during their games.

“If we make a mistake, [we] shake it off and get our head in the game,” senior Yamillet Castro said. “Even when we lose, we still maintain a positive attitude.”

In addition, the girls do not walk on grass because their coach considers it to be “bad luck”.

As for boys basketball, they warm up by playing 7-up, a 3-point shooting contest game. Prior to their games, they do handshakes that are made specifically and differently for each player.

Although boys soccer does not have any rituals, girls soccer bonds by playing a game called “Ninja,” hanging out in the quad together during lunch, and wearing their jerseys during game days.

Before the wrestling team sends off their wrestlers, the team gathers together in a circle, places their hands above or on the person going into a match, and shouts their first name.
“The ritual makes us feel more confident, as if we don’t have to worry about whether we lose or not,” freshman David Gomez said. “You don’t know what’s going to happen, it just goes and you’re very nervous.”

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