People’s Choice Awards honors Hollywood stars

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The stars of Hollywood started off the new year with the 2016 People’s Choice Awards show.

Ellen DeGeneres was not only honored as Favorite Daytime TV Host for the fourth year in a row,  but also as Favorite Humanitarian. DeGeneres was awarded for her “life-changing work” and abundant amount of kindness she put out for various causes in the world, such as bullying, cancer, and abuse.

“This is crazy, so so deserved, but this is crazy,” DeGeneres said. “I started my show to make people laugh and to get very very rich. Getting an award for being nice and generous and kind, I mean that is the point of being human.”

On the other hand, singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes won the Favorite Breakout category. With only two years in the music industry, Mendes was awarded for his dedication and hard work.

“Thank you, there is a ton of people I like to thank, but I know that the fans voted. And I have unreal fans in the entire world,” Mendes said.

Along with Mendes and DeGeneres, others honorees were crowned throughout the show and gave their thanks and wisdom to their fans.


by Kim Ta

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