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The 33: Review

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Filled with emotional and suspenseful scenes, The 33, a movie based on a true mining story, will have viewers engaged until the very end. The 33, directed by Patricia Riggen and starring well-known Latin actors, premiered in theaters on Nov. 13.

The film retells events that occurred during the San Jose mine collapse in Chile of 2010. The film starts off festive but quickly takes a negative turn when the mine collapses. Due to the mine collapse, 33 miners are trapped inside with no way out. In the film, it is shown how the miners tried to find various ways to escape, but had no choice other than returning to the rescue center and waiting to be rescued. However, all except Mario Sepúlveda, played by Antonio Banderas, lost hope. Eventually, Mario takes over and ensures everyone that they can stay alive by controlling their meals for 17 days. Meanwhile, the Chilean government has taken over the rescue mission because the mining company refused to do anything.

When all hope is about to be lost by both the miners and rescuers, on the 17th day the rescue team was able to drill into the rescue center and get a signal from the miners. Once the signal was received, they had to figure out how to take out all the the miners out of the mine. After 69 days, a shuttle was built to carry the miners out one by one; however, there were risks with the method.

Although the film is not like most movies young adults watch, I highly recommend watching this film. The 33 is well directed and is one of the best films I have seen in a while. It is suspenseful, somewhat action-packed, and funny. It will be an enjoyable experience for anyone who views it. The movie does have its sad moments but makes up for it in the ending.

I did not like that the actors spoke English in a very heavy accent. I understand that the story is based on a true event that occurred in a Spanish-speaking community, which is the way the language was like in the film. However, I feel that the film should have been in either Spanish with English subtitles or normal English with Spanish subtitles. I felt that the heavy accent was unnecessary. However, besides the accent, the film was absolutely amazing and I encourage everyone to watch it.

The 33 tells one mining story but reminds its viewers how unjust and dangerous other mines around the world are. The 33 is still being shown at certain theaters.


by Ileana Perez


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